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how to play Backgammon

- Determine who goes first by rolling a dice. The one who goes first is the one with the higher roller.
- If possible, use all your dice
- In one turn, the player will be rolled 2 dice, the number displayed determines the number of pieces allowed to move.
- Notice: When moving a piece, the player can move into a triangle with a single opposing piece or no pieces or pieces of your own
- In case you move a piece onto an opposing piece, this piece will be removed, will be placed in the middle of the board. The owner of that piece will have to start over, and they won't be allowed to do anything until all of their pieces are back on the board.

about Backgammon

Play Backgammon online full screen for free, no ads!. This is a famous dice game. Roll the dice and move all your pieces to the master board and then remove them, don't be dominated by your opponent.

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