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how to play Bridge

Your goal is to try to lower your opponent's bid to get the most points!
- Come up with a counting strategy when bidding.
- If the hand has between 16 and 18 points, feel free to bid 1, No Trump.
- If less than 13 points, stop, don't spread the price
- If the hand is over 13 points, but not eligible for a 1 NT bid. Open your bid with the strongest suit you own.

about Bridge

Bridge is a game for 4 players. This is a fun and challenging game for you. Suits are arranged in Bridge order from Spades, Heart, Diamond, to Club, lowest.

Your teammates are players on the table, opponents are players on the left and right. During the bidding process, players determine how many tricks they can perform with a single suit.

Bidding and scoring are extremely important in this game. You can only predict what your teammates are doing, you just have to outrun your opponent.
You bid 1 Spade, which means your team can win 7 tricks in a hand with the Spade as the trump card.

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